Kingston V Kilmarnock V Rutherglen V Helensburgh

Sunday 25th February 2018
Castlemilk Pool,
137 Castlemilk Dr,
Glasgow G45 9UG

Warm up: 9.30am for 9.50am start

There will be a bus travelling to this round and a confirmation time for the bus will be given to you as soon as possible.

The Mini League is a team event where swimmers will swim together against other clubs from the West of Scotland. There are individual swims and relay races and each swimmer will get a minimum of one individual swim and two relays.

The following swimmers have been chosen for Round 1 of the Mini League:

Girls Boys
Scarlet Morrison (8) Rowan MacDonald (11) Elliot Ferrie (8) Evan Boyd (11)
Esme Stirrat (8) Anna McCulloch (11) Oliver Mayes (8) Ross Nicol (11)
Molly Binning (9) Lily Murray (11) Tom Sneddon (9) Thomas Dunlop (11)
Haylie Ferguson (9) Charlize Wears (11) Abodi Muazzen (9) Adam Thomson (11)
Yvie Glencorse (9)   Ryan Johnston (9)  
Ava Hunter (9)   PJ Coyle (10)  
Aimee Richmond (10)   Lewis Howie (10)  
Natasha Morrison (10)   Ross McVitie (10)  
Jess Urquhart (10)      
Kymberley Willis (10)    

Should there be any reason why a swimmer cannot attend the meet please let Mark know as soon as possible on 07966 694040.

Could all timekeepers and judges please make themselves available to help at this meet – thanks you very much

Please also bring plenty of drinks and snacks but most importantly, please bring your enthusiasm, team spirit and swimming skills with you J

Good luck swimmers!