Invites to the KASC Summer Sprint Championships have been sent out via Active, we have been informed that some people may not have received these emails. To clarify – All swimmers are invited to this meet and are expected to attend, it is a requirement of their membership of KASC. If a swimmer cannot attend then you must speak to the Head Coach and explain the reasons why.

To accept the invite to the meet log in to your Swim Portal and view meets, then click attending and save. Any swimmers not registered by the 17th June will not be eligible to swim at the Summer Sprints, likewise any swimmer who has an outstanding payment due on their membership will not be eligible to swim.

We are also looking for a number of volunteers to help out at the Gala, one of the positions we desperately need filled is an announcer to read out the swimmers names when they are to go to the podium and collect a medal. We are also looking for our club timekeepers to assist at this Gala and people to help with arranging the catering and raffle. If you can assist with any of the above please email letting us know what position you can fill.