img-20190327-wa0001.jpgSam, PJ, Evan and Adam went through the full range of emotions this afternoon at SNAG’s. They swam an amazing race, with all 4 of them swimming pb’s in their respective legs, and were first to the finish line in their heat beating the team in second place by around 15m. The elation of seeing their new time of 4 minutes 41 seconds, which was nearly 9 seconds quicker than their entry time, quickly turned to despair as the dreaded DQ flashed up on the screen against our lane, the cause being a changeover that was too quick by only 0.03 seconds – faster than the human eye can detect.

A great experience for the boys though and they did themselves and the club proud. They were the only team who qualified without having a 13 year old swimmer in the team so it’s all to play for next year!!!