An email has been sent out with details on how to register swimmers for KASC’s 2020 training program.

Some swimmers are moving squads in the new year, please register your swimmer(s) in their new squads. The main squads have been renamed to:

D1(Session 1 lanes 1/2) – Alpha Squad

D2 (Session 1 lanes 3/4) – Beta Squad

D3 (Session 1 lanes 5/6)- Gamma Squad

Juniors (Session 2 lanes 1/2) – Delta Squad

Junior Potential (Session 2 Lanes 3/4) – Sigma Squad

Age Group (Session 2 lanes 5/6) – Omega Squad

The new club development squad for swimmers starting with the club has not been renamed.

Swimmers squads are now as per the document attached to the email or are available on the website in the squad details section.

Please reply to the email if you have any queries or require some assistance.