Reminder that the following swimmers have been selected for the Minileague team this year and have additional training at Loudoun Academy this afternoon starting at 1pm:
Sarah McGuffie, Kayla Hunter, Kaci Scott
Abigale Quinn, Sophie Borthwick
Chloe Campbell, Cara Monachello, Rebecca McNulty, Eilidh Stevenson
Lucy Lennox, Yvie Glencorse, Hayley Ferguson, Ava Hunter, Carmen Hume
Rory McLeod, Callum Cooke
Xander Harkins, Cole McCluskey, Zak Boyd, Gordon McLeod
Elliot Ferrie, Thomas Barbour, Luke Hyslop, Ewan Warwick
Adam Scott
The first hour will be land training and team bonding with the second hour in the pool. Swimmers should arrive at Loudoun prior to 1pm and will be ready to be picked up just after 3pm.

Enjoy the experience swimmers!!