In the run up to Xmas the club has decided to help out the Ayrshire food bank located in Kilmarnock, this charity helps people of all ages who are struggling due to finding themselves homeless, vulnerable families or even people working in low income jobs. This year will be particularly difficult as there were lots of people who lost their job or were/are still furloughed on 67% pay, resulting in them having to cut back this year or get into debt. So every little helps and as a club doing something like this for the community would be immense.

Currently they are very short on tinned products:

Although stored cupboard staples also most welcome, a treat or two would be nice to look forward to at this time of year.

Lets give people a healthy happy Xmas meal and a full tummy! Thanks for those who have handed in already. I will be collecting until Sunday evening as we wish to donate on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Thanks again for making a difference to a person’s life.

Head Coach Sharon