K.A.S.C. was founded in 1902 and reconstituted in 1923. Races initially took place in the River Irvine.  The club later moved to the Kilmarnock Academy Pool and from there onto the Kilmarnock Baths. K.A.S.C. eventually moved to the current pool at the Galleon Centre when it was opened in 1987.

In a long and proud history, K.A.S.C. is now one of only a few independently run clubs remaining in the country, with no financial help from the local council.

Through the years we have had Olympic, Commonwealth, Scottish and District champions.

We are affiliated to Scottish Swimming and the West District.

We currently have approximately 100 competitive swimmers in the club.

We also have approximately 200 swimmers in our lesson program.

Our aims as a club is to ensure firstly, that we give all children the best start in life by teaching them to be safe in the water. Secondly, is to ensure that all swimmers within the club can achieve their potential within our structure, no matter what that this may be.