Club badges

The Club in its early days had no proper identification.  After it was reconstituted in 1925 it was decided to design a Club badge to get away from the letter K seen on many of the swim suits of the time.

KASC Badge 1
Lawrence Beattie – Club Champion (1931) with the club badge on his swim suit.

Two ideas were put forward in 1934, both of which are shown below:

KASC Badge 2 KASC Badge 3

As a result of this two horse race it was decided that the POLAR BEAR would become the official club badge.

Below is the 1st ever print of the club badge which was produced by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Regent Street Works, Birmingham.

KASC Badge 4

The first ever cloth Club Badge is shown below.

KASC Badge 5

Nowadays the Club has a new insignia which is shown at the start of this website and is a throw back to the original letter K.




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