Harry joined the club after the 2nd World War when participating in any kind of sporting Club was being encouraged by the Government.  Being fit and healthy, like today, was seen as a good thing for the community and as a result he was only one of a large number of Kilmarnock teenagers who joined the Swimming Club.

Throughout his extremely long association with the club he was a swimmer, water polo player, coach, time keeper as well as Committee member, Secretary, Treasurer and President.  He held every position there was to hold and in 1969 as awarded the distinction of becoming a LIFE MEMBER an honour which he treasured deeply.  It was in his position as an official time keeper that he represented the Club at Western District level as well as National and International.  He was also honoured by being picked to represent Scotland as an Official at the Commonwealth Games that were held in Edinburgh in 1986.

Harry won several cups at the Club Championships but the one he treasured most was the Victory Trophy.  Not because it was his first win but because several years later both his sons won the same trophy a feat that has not been repeated to this day.

At the time of his death on the 22 Feb 1991 Harry was beginning to set out the Centenary Celebrations agenda but sadly that was an event that he was not going to see.  However as a result of his untimely death his wife Grace, also a former Club Champion and Coach donated two Trophies to the Club which are presented annually to the best improved male and female swimmer of any age over the past year.  These are known as the Harry Stewart Memorial Trophies.

Furthermore in 1992, his sons John and Andrew set out to swim 60 miles in memory of there father. This was to be a sponsored event and was unique in the fact that John swam 30miles in a marathon event at the Galleon Centre assisted by members of the Swimming Club.  At the same time Andrew carried out a similar event but this time in New Zealand, where he now resides.  All proceeds in Scotland were donated to a Cancer Charity and the Oncology Ward at Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock.