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An introduction to the club can be found here:

New Swimmers Guide

K.A.S.C. is a competitive swimming club and swimmers are expected to attend galas.

Here is an outline of the club rules in relation to meets:

KASC Meet Rules

Swimmers will receive an email when eligible for a gala.  There are strict deadlines for entries for galas.  Please ensure that you reply on time – even if you are not planning on going to the gala.

Age groups for galas vary. They may be ‘Age on the day’ or ‘Age at the end of the year’.

There are different types of galas. They include:

Team Meets

Mini League:
A team event to introduce swimmers aged 11 years and under to competitive swimming.  The team swims against other clubs and wins points according to their placing. Three rounds (galas) are swum and the top six teams then compete in the Mini League Final at Ayr in June. There is usually 1 gala at home and 2 galas away at hosting clubs.

League Gala:
A team event similar to the Mini League but includes swimmers of all ages. Leagues include the Winter League and the old Intermediate League (now disbanded). They are either a league system similar to the Mini League or a one-off gala.

Invitation Gala:
It is a ‘friendly’ team event where the host club invites other clubs to swim in a one-off competition.

Individual Meets

Graded Meets:
This meet is for improving swimmers. Swimmers need to meet the time requirements and be ‘slower than’ the consideration time. Times are set by the organising club.  These galas can sometimes be heavily oversubscribed with a large number of entries rejected.

Open Meets:
This is an age group meet for faster swimmers. Swimmers must be ‘faster than’ the consideration time.

West District Championships:
This is where the best swimmers in the district compete. There are 7 groups to this event ranging from a long course to a distance and a sprint meet. There are also age group and open meets. Swimmers must be ‘faster than’ the consideration time.

Scottish Age Group Championships:
This is where the best swimmers in the country compete.  There are 3 meets for these championships. There is a consideration and a qualifying time.  Times must have been obtained at an accredited meet.